Fein StarLock MultiMaster FMM 500 START Q, with Soft Case


The high performance, universal system for interior construction and renovation with accessories for a wide range of applications.



Self-supporting motor with vibration decoupling for outstanding vibration and noise reduction.  Very powerful 350 Watt FEIN high-performance motor for optimal cutting speeds and maximum work progress.  Highest quality and stability due to metal gear case and consistent use of ball or needle bearings.  Convenient QuickIN rapid-clamping system.  Electronic speed control with tacho generator  for constant speed, even under load.  Integrated interface for mounting additional system accessories.  Softgrip zone provides optimal handling.
StarlockPlus tool mount with outstanding torque transfer, fits all Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories.  Wide selection of accessories available for all applications. Price includes: 1 universal E-Cut saw blade 1-3/4 in (44 mm) (type 152), 1 E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 2 in (50 mm), 1 E-Cut Precision BIM saw blade (1-3/8 [35] in[mm], 1 nylon tool bag.

Additional information

Weight 6.66 lbs
Dimensions 18.70 × 8.86 × 5.32 in