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For over 30 years, Walter Tool has been an exclusive dealer for FEIN power tools. We offer a wide range of FEIN tools at competitive prices. Our experts are committed to exceeding your expectations in the purchasing process. All orders are encrypted, ensuring safe transactions.

Dustless Extraction Vacuums

In 1986, FEIN launched sanding machines that offer dustless extraction protecting workers. FEIN provides oscillating and random orbital sanders that are durable and backed by a 3-year factory warranty.

FEIN’s dustless extraction vacuums are one of only a few that is certified by the Government for HEPA extraction for dangerous projects such as lead paint and asbestos removal. The vacuum can be combined with a FEIN Multimaster or sander to ensure the safety of the operator and other people in the area.


Later on, in 2007, with FEIN Multimaster, the market finally had an oscillating tool that both professionals and hobbyists can use. They continue to lead with various blades and attachments for the Multimaster, which can be used in woodworking, tile, marine, glass, and other applications.

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