Fein StarLock MultiMaster FMM 500QSL TOP KIT


StarlockPlus tool mount with outstanding torque transfer, fits all Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax accessories. 35% MORE Power, 70% LESS Vibration, 50% Quieter The high performance, universal system for interior construction and renovation with comprehensive accessories for unrivaled versatility. Self-supporting motor with vibration decoupling for outstanding vibration and noise reduction. Very powerful 350 Watt FEIN high-performance motor for optimal cutting speeds and maximum work progress. Highest quality and stability thanks to metal gear case and consistent use of ball or needle bearings. Convenient QuickIN rapid-clamping system Electronic speed control with tacho generator for constant speed, even under load. Integrated interface for mounting additional system accessories. Softgrip zone provides optimal handling. 8 point tool mounting for outstanding torque transfer.



KIT INCLUDES: 1 FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350QSL 1 backing pad 3 of each sanding sheet (grits 60, 80, 120, 180) 1 perforated backing pad 3 of each sanding sheet (grits 60, 80, 120, 180), perforated 1 sanding disc 4-1/2 in dia. perforated 6 sanding sheets 4-1/2 in perforated (2 each of grits 60, 80, 180) 1 dust extraction assembly 1 rigid scraper blade 1 E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 1-3/8 in (35 mm) (type 160) 1 Universal E-Cut saw blade 1-3/4 in (44 mm) (type 152) 1 E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 2-9/16 in (65 mm) (type 161) 1 HSS segment saw blade 1 carbide segment saw blade 1 carbide rasp (triangular) 1 tool case