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Fein Power Tools - FEIN Vacuum, Multimaster Blades and Accessories

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    FEIN, from their roots as the inventor of the world’s first hand power drill in 1895 to today being the premier manufacturer of the world’s finest power tools and industrial vacuum dust extractors has always placed the customer’s needs first. Their products are in use world-wide by professionals as well as home enthusiasts and today they continue to provide innovative solutions.

    In1968 FEIN introduced oscillating technology to the medical industry with their plaster cast saw. In 2007 with the launch of the FEIN Multimaster, the market finally had an Oscillating Tool for use in a wide range of applications for both professionals and hobbyists. With thousands of Multimasters on the market today, Fein continues to lead with a wide assortment of blades and attachments available for the Multimaster for use in woodworking, marine, tile, glass and other applications.

    FEIN first introduced sanding machines in 1986 to their line and was a pioneer in connecting sanders with dustless extraction vacuums to protect workers. Today FEIN has both oscillating and random orbital sanders that are durable and long lasting, backed by a 3 year factory warranty.

    FEIN’s Dustless Extraction Vacuums are rated tops in our industry by leading reviewing publications. FEIN vacuums are one of only a few that are certified by the Government for HEPA extraction when dealing with dangerous projects such as lead paint and asbestos removal. When combined with a FEIN Multimaster or Sander, it helps ensure the safety of the operator as well as other people in the area.

    At Walter Tool, we believe in FEIN craftsmanship. We’ve been an exclusive FEIN dealer for nearly 20 years, providing competitively-priced tools and accessories to thousands of customers along the way. Our website is safe and secure; orders are encrypted and will be shipped the same day that they are received. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations in every step of the purchasing process. Feel free to call us with any questions or to place an order.

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  • Exploring the FEIN RS 10-70 E Pipe Polisher

    Every tool has a purpose. Some tools are designed with flexibility in mind, while others are engineered specifically to excel at one particular task. The FEIN RS 10-70 E is the latter, built from the ground up for grinding, fleecing, and polishing pipes. With perfect belt tracking, a wrap angle of up to 180-degrees, and automatic belt alignment.


    Must-Have Accessories for FEIN Turbo Vacuum

    Fein is known the world over for building the best power tools in the business. Its shop vacuums are no exception, with the FEIN line of turbo vacuums leading the pack in terms of power, durability, and efficiency. There’s no better vacuum for your workspace than a FEIN. A FEIN turbo vacuum gives you the performance you need to get the job done.


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