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About Fein

You may not recognize the name FEIN, even though they invented the world's first power tool in 1895. Fein is located in Stuttgart, Germany (also home to Mercedes Benz & Porsche). The name Fein is pronouced "fine," and means the same in both German and English. You've heard of fine wines, fine furniture, and now, Fein power tools.

Fein is a small, specialty power tool manufacturer, making tools for high production use. Unlike other electric power tool manufacturers, Fein doesn't make tools for the do-it-yourself market. In over 125 countries Fein is recognized as making the very best power tools available.

You'd be surprised at how much extra engineering and care goes into each Fein power tool. The heart of the power tool, the motor, is a Fein specialty. Don't be surprised to see low amperage ratings on Fein tools. The Fein motor is perhaps the most efficient power tool motor made. Fein motors are wound with Class H insulation (good to 410 degrees F) to ensure a large power reserve. Plastic housings, are not solid plastic. Rather, inside each plastic housing, there is an aluminum support body, into which fasteners are driven. No fasteners are driven directly into plastic, instead brass inserts are used throughout.

If you're looking for the ultimate power tool, one that's made to last a lifetime, you should treat yourself to the best.....Fein.