FEIN Power Tools Every Man Must Own

No self-respecting craftsman should ever have to go to the neighbor’s house to borrow a screwdriver, and power tools are no exception. While your individual power tool needs are naturally determined by their usage, your projects, and your personal preference; there are few tools that have a place in every garage due to their flexibility […]

Must-Have Accessories for FEIN Turbo Vacuum

Fein is known the world over for building the best power tools in the business. Its shop vacuums are no exception, with the FEIN line of turbo vacuums leading the pack in terms of power, durability, and efficiency. There’s no better vacuum for your workspace than a FEIN. A FEIN turbo vacuum gives you the […]

FEIN Turbo 1 vs. FEIN Turbo 2

There’s no doubt that working in a shop causes the creation of quite a bit of dust. Whether you’re dealing with metal shavings, sawdust, or other particulates, it’s important to have a plan for cleaning your space and ensuring your work area stays safe and dust-free. FEIN offers two core vacuum models designed to assist […]