Recommended FEIN Multimaster Tools for Your Workshop

A craftsman is only as good as the tools he carries. Even the most talented woodworkers won’t get far without the right tools and accessories; the same can be said for home remodelers, construction workers, furniture makers, and everyone else who spends the bulk of their time slaving away in a workshop. If you’re the […]

Old House Project? Try FEIN’s MultiMaster Oscillating Tool

Restoring an old house requires two things: time and tools. With the right tools, fixing up that fixer-upper can be a joy. Without them, it can turn into a serious headache. Having the right tools for the tasks ahead will ensure you’re able to efficiently move through each phase of the renovation without suffering any […]

Walter Tool Company Introduces FEIN Cordless Power Tools

FEIN power tools are known the world over for their craftsmanship and durability. These aren’t the cheap plastic power tools you’ll find in your average do-it-yourself store, but high-quality precision tools developed by the best minds in the business for truly demanding craftsmen. FEIN is a German name, pronounced “Fine,” and the tool are precisely […]