Introducing the FEIN Cordless ASCM 18 C

There’s no beating a FEIN. Whether you’re talking all-purpose saws, oscillating sanders, or even turbo shop vacuums, FEIN power tools are as good as it gets. FEIN is known for its engineering prowess, its attention to detail, and its commitment to delivering only the best in power tool technology. These focuses are all readily apparent […]

Four Essential FEIN Power Tools

Working as a craftsman requires that you have access to the right tools. In fact, tool selection is the most important aspect of any job. The right tools make a job efficient and fun, while the wrong tools make it overly complicated and frustrating. Walter Tool is an exclusive seller of FEIN power tools and […]

Walter Tool Company Introduces FEIN Cordless Power Tools

FEIN power tools are known the world over for their craftsmanship and durability. These aren’t the cheap plastic power tools you’ll find in your average do-it-yourself store, but high-quality precision tools developed by the best minds in the business for truly demanding craftsmen. FEIN is a German name, pronounced “Fine,” and the tool are precisely […]