Recommended FEIN Multimaster Tools for Your Workshop

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FEIN Multimaster ToolsA craftsman is only as good as the tools he carries. Even the most talented woodworkers won’t get far without the right tools and accessories; the same can be said for home remodelers, construction workers, furniture makers, and everyone else who spends the bulk of their time slaving away in a workshop. If you’re the type of person who depends on his tools for work or for play, it’s important that you stock your workshop with the necessary tools for safe, efficient work.

The FEIN Multimaster is an excellent first step.

Base Tools

The FEIN Multimaster FMM 350Q delivers 350 watts of power with little vibration and quiet performance. The cordless Multimaster AFMM 14 delivers oscillations between 11,000 and 18,000 RPM while being powered by a basic lithium ion battery. Both tools are capable of a wide variety of construction feats; either makes an excellent starting point for your workshop’s collection. FEIN Multimaster tools are built to last and deliver efficiency, performance, and reliability for years to come.

Add-Ons and Kits

You’ll find plenty of add-ons for your FEIN Multimaster. In fact, Walter Tool recommends that you invest first in a Multimaster Kit, which includes the base tool, everything you need to use, and a huge selection of accessories. For example, the cordless AFMM 14’s kit includes the tool, sanding sheets, blades, a rasp, a case, and more. A kit is one of the best ways to equip oneself with plenty of accessories at a lower total price point.

FEIN Multimaster tools are suitable for a wide range of tasks, with uses for experienced craftsmen, professional builders, and hobbyist alike. Investing in a FEIN Multimaster is an excellent first step in ensuring your workshop is ready to meet any construction challenge it may face. For further information or inquiries please contact us at 800.356.6926 or visit

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