Introducing the FEIN Slugger Metal Saw

Walter Tool is an exclusive provider of FEIN tools — the highest quality, most durable, and reliable power tools in the world. FEIN’s commitment to delivering stellar performance, incredible longevity, and high-tier engineering prowess makes its tools perfect for discerning craftspeople everywhere. These are not the tools you’ll find at your local hardware store or […]

FEIN Multimaster vs. FEIN Supercutter – Which is Best for You?

Even with an idea in mind or a deadline fast approaching, experienced craftspeople can face tough choices when it comes to power tools; the right tool can make a job easy and efficient, while the wrong tool can cause frustration and havoc. Walter Tool is an exclusive retailer of FEIN power tools, and we know […]

Introducing the New FEIN 350Q Multimaster, improving on perfection!

What has up to 35% more power? What has up to 50% less noise? How about up to 70% less vibration? Don’t forget the longer oscillating range. The new Fein 350Q Multimaster does when compared to its predecessor, the 250Q Multimaster from FEIN. And best of all these great features on the 350Q are being […]

Five Reasons to Choose FEIN Power Tools and Accessories

When it comes to working as a craftsman, your tools are just as important as your talents. High quality tools help one perform more efficiently, not to mention the benefit gained from not having to constantly replace low quality equipment that can’t handle several seasons of work. Walter Tool is an exclusive provider of FEIN […]

FEIN Turbo 1 vs. FEIN Turbo 2

There’s no doubt that working in a shop causes the creation of quite a bit of dust. Whether you’re dealing with metal shavings, sawdust, or other particulates, it’s important to have a plan for cleaning your space and ensuring your work area stays safe and dust-free. FEIN offers two core vacuum models designed to assist […]

FEIN WPO 14-15 E Polisher for Paint Surfaces in the Boat and Marine Areas

FEIN offers brilliant solutions for the care of paint surfaces in the boat and marine areas, even for large scale production use under heavy loads. The FEIN HIGH-POWER-MOTOR and two stage gear reduction, which ensures outstanding torque, and an optimized speed range that remains constant under load and ensures fast work and sparkling results. Low […]

The New Fein Turbo Vacuum Dust Extractors are Here & In Stock!

We here at Walter Tool have received our first shipment of the new and improved FEIN Vacuums this week. With a more powerful suction system and an improved ergonomic design with space for attachments right on board, these new German engineered and built vacuums are selling well already. Available to ship now from are […]

Benefits of FEIN Compact Angle Grinders

At Walter Tool, we’re proud to be a provider of FEIN power tools. There are no higher quality tools on the market; and we’d like to take a moment to highlight the benefits of some of our favorite machines, FEIN’s incredible compact angle grinders. Improved Design FEIN’s latest compact angle grinders remove up to 30% […]

FEIN Introduces the New Four-Speed ASCM QX Drill/Driver

FEIN power tools stand alone when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. There is no other tool manufacturer that demonstrates FEIN’s attention to detail and its dedication to providing craftsmen with the finest tools available. FEIN tools represent the best of the best, and the company has worked carefully to maintain that reputation since inventing the […]