Exploring the FEIN RS 10-70 E Pipe Polisher

Every tool has a purpose. Some tools are designed with flexibility in mind, while others are engineered specifically to excel at one particular task. The FEIN RS 10-70 E is the latter, built from the ground up for grinding, fleecing, and polishing pipes. With perfect belt tracking, a wrap angle of up to 180-degrees, and […]

Must-Have Accessories for FEIN Turbo Vacuum

Fein is known the world over for building the best power tools in the business. Its shop vacuums are no exception, with the FEIN line of turbo vacuums leading the pack in terms of power, durability, and efficiency. There’s no better vacuum for your workspace than a FEIN. A FEIN turbo vacuum gives you the […]

Old House Project? Try FEIN’s MultiMaster Oscillating Tool

Restoring an old house requires two things: time and tools. With the right tools, fixing up that fixer-upper can be a joy. Without them, it can turn into a serious headache. Having the right tools for the tasks ahead will ensure you’re able to efficiently move through each phase of the renovation without suffering any […]

Choosing Between Cordless or Corded Tools

When you’re looking for the perfect tools for your next big project, one question often stands out above the rest: Cordless or corded? FEIN power tools, known across the globe for their quality, versatility, and reliability, are available in both corded and cordless varieties. Choosing one or the other will have a definite impact on […]

Benefits of Using a FEIN Magnetic Core Drill

FEIN is one of the most respected designers and manufacturers of power tools, building machines that get the job done and perform well for decades. If quality is your most important priority when considering a new power tool, FEIN is the manufacturer you’re looking for. FEIN’s long history of high quality engineering and attention to […]

Comparing the FEIN ASTxe 649-1 and the STS 325 R Hacksaws

Home renovation enthusiasts and professional craftsmen alike know that once you have a high-quality hacksaw, you’ll never run out of uses for it. Hacksaws are versatile, powerful tools that can cut any number of different types of materials. FEIN, the manufacturer and designer of some of the finest power tools in the world, has two […]

Tool Comparison – FEIN MultiMaster Tool vs. Bosch

For years, FEIN held the patent for an oscillating multi-tool. The FEIN MultiMaster was thus the best and only multi-tool available, not just because of FEIN’s incredible attention to quality and detail, but because the technology was exclusive to FEIN. However, FEIN no longer holds the patent on this technology, allowing other tool manufacturers to […]

FEIN Tapper Drills – Should You Go 636 or 648?

One of the hardest parts of choosing the right tools for the job comes after you’ve already narrowed your selection down to a specific tool and manufacturer. Sure, you know that you need a tapper drill and you love FEIN’s high-quality design and expert engineering, but with two FEIN tappers available you’re still left trying […]

How to Use a FEIN Random Orbital Sander

FEIN is an industry leader when it comes to high quality, technologically superior power tools. Whether you’re talking the FEIN Multimaster or the FEIN Supercutter, there’s no limit to what a FEIN tool can accomplish. This is the company that invented the power drill; FEIN knows what it takes to build tools that perform day […]

Four Essential FEIN Power Tools

Working as a craftsman requires that you have access to the right tools. In fact, tool selection is the most important aspect of any job. The right tools make a job efficient and fun, while the wrong tools make it overly complicated and frustrating. Walter Tool is an exclusive seller of FEIN power tools and […]