Must-Have FEIN Power Tools for 2015

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FEIN Power ToolsIt’s almost springtime, which means it’s just about time to kick your home improvement projects back into full gear. The ice is melting, the snow is fading, and the crisp weather is turning warm — craftsmen everywhere know to commence their big projects before summer’s intense heat arrives. If you’re in the planning phases for your next big project, don’t forget to equip yourself with the must-have FEIN power tools of 2015:

FEIN Multimaster

The FEIN Multimaster is a jack-of-all-trades tool that gives you flexibility, performance, and utility. With dozens of accessories and attachments, there’s no job you can’t tackle with a Multimaster. Check out our starter kits to get the core tool and a collection of useful accessories for one low price. It’s all about flexibility.

FEIN Supercut

FEIN’s Supercut line of tools is designed to help you manage almost any type of material. The FEIN Supercut FSC 2.0Q, for example, uses 400 watts of power and cranks out 11,000-18,500 rpm. Like the Multimaster, the Supercut is available in a convenient starter kit that includes a wide selection of accessories.

FEIN Orbital Sander

The great thing about orbital sanders is that once you have one, you’ll never run out of uses for it. FEIN’s 6” orbital sander boasts a no-load speed of 8,800 rpm uses 380 watts of power, and features a 16-ft cable. You can pair the FEIN orbital sander with one of FEIN’s excellent turbo vacuums for clean sanding with minimal mess.

Having the right tools is the first step in ensuring a job is done efficiently, safely, and effectively. FEIN’s incredible selection of high-quality power tools can help you with your next big remodeling project or construction job, and they’re built to last for years to come. If you have questions about FEIN power tools or which tools you might need for a particular project, contact Walter Tool today at 800.356.6926 or visit for more information.

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