FEIN Nibbler 1.6E vs. FEIN Nibbler 3.5

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Often one of the toughest decisions a craftsman can make isn’t which tool to buy, but which variation of a given tool to choose. For example, you might already know that you want one of FEIN Power Tools incredibly powerful and flexible Nibblers, but you might also be at a loss as to which of these tools will best suit your needs. Determining which Nibbler is right for you can be challenging, so here is a brief feature comparison to help you make the decision.

The Nibbler BLK 1.6 E
The Nibbler 1.6 E is considered a “universal nibbler.” It works well with sheets, profiles, corrugated sheet metal, and trapezoids. FEIN claims it to be virtually indestructible; it handles sheets with a thickness of up to 16 gauge. The cutting direction can be changed in 45-degree increments up to 360-degrees thanks to its completely tool-free rotating cutting head. The Nibbler 1.6 E features a high cutting speed, chip protection mesh on vent slots, and more. It can handle stainless steel up to 24 gauge.


The Nibbler BLK 3.5
This is what FEIN considers its “curve-compatible nibbler.” It offers unlimited curve compatibility; the tool can turn on the spot making it excellent for grooves and cut-outs in sheet metal. The cutting direction can be adjusted in 90-degree increments and is also tool-free. It has an incredible power-to-weight ratio, outstanding high-performance motor, and provides warp-free cutting of flat and bent sheet metal. It handles stainless steel up to 15 gauge.


Both Nibblers feature FEIN’s impeccable attention to detail in terms of design and engineering. Both also offer a wide range of accessories and enhancements, allowing them to be tailored to almost any job. FEIN power tools are the best in the world and we’re proud to be an exclusive seller.

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