The FEIN Cordless Drill Combo Kit is the Perfect Gift

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FEIN PROFI COMBO ABS 18 C + ASCD 18 W4CIs there a special someone in your life who loves DIY projects? Know someone who’s always remodeling a kitchen, building a deck, or building furniture in the garage? A FEIN power tool is always an excellent gift for craftsmen who take their work seriously. At Walter Tool, we’re big fans of the FEIN Profi Combo — a cordless drill combo kit that comes packed with excellent accessories and FEIN’s internationally-renowned reputation for quality.

FEIN Cordless Drill Combo Kit

The FEIN Profi combo kit comes with one FEIN cordless drill, one impact driver, two 18-volt rechargeable batteries, one rapid charger, and one durable tool case. Taken together, the kit provides everything a craftsman needs in one simple package. A FEIN power tool kit is built on the foundation of excellent tools and enhanced by the inclusion of accessories and a convenient carrying case. FEIN power tools are among the most powerful, efficient, and reliable power tools in the world.

Here’s the detailed specs:

• 1 cordless drill/driver ABS 18C
• 1 Impact Driver/Wrench ASCD 18 W4C with 1/4″ Hexagonal mount
• 2 18 volt rechargeable batteries (Li-ion)
• 1 x rapid charger ALG 50
• 1 Tool Case

FEIN is known as a leader in the world of power tools and even invented the power drill in 1895. For over 100 years, FEIN has built high-end, high-quality tools that last for decades and outperform the tools you find in discount store hardware sections. A FEIN power tool is not an accessory, it’s a mechanism through which the most talented and dedicated craftsmen can tackle the toughest jobs and forge the results they demand.

For more information or inquiries about the FEIN Cordless Drill Combo Kit or any other tool please visit or contact us at 800.356.6926.

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