Christmas May Be Over But There’s Still Time to Surprise!

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FEIN Multimaster KitThe holidays have come and gone. Surprisingly, we’re almost halfway through January already! But just because Christmas is over and we’ve moved into 2015 doesn’t mean the time for gift giving has ended. There’s still time to surprise the special man in your life with a one-of-a-kind gift like a FEIN Multimaster Kit ! In fact, it will probably be an even bigger surprise since it’s not coming as part of the Christmas gift pile.

About FEIN

FEIN is a respected manufacturer of high-quality power tools. The company has been making tools for over 100 years and was even the inventor of the hand-held electric drill in 1895. Across the globe, FEIN tools are known for their durability, efficiency, performance, and utility. Simply put, there’s no better power tool than one manufactured by FEIN. FEIN is the Rolls Royce of power tool designers and manufacturers.

The FEIN Multimaster

FEIN’s Multimaster is a flexible and powerful power tool that is capable of a wide range of functions. It’s the perfect accessory for any serious craftsman. Powered by high-efficiency motors and enhanced with vibration decoupling and ergonomic design, the FEIN Multimaster allows for easy sanding, sawing, and more. It’s a one-stop solution for some of the most common challenges craftsmen face in the workshop.

A FEIN Multimaster Kit includes the base Multimaster tool along with a host of useful accessories. For example, the Multimaster MM 350Q Top Kit includes a FEIN Multimaster 350 Q, sanding sheets, scraper blades, saw blades, and a tool case. If the special craftsman in your life has never owned a FEIN tool, a Multimaster kit is an excellent starting point that will ensure he’s prepared for almost any task.

Walter Tool is an exclusive seller of FEIN power tools. For more information or inquiries about FEIN, the Multimaster, or kits, please visit or contact us at 800.356.6926.

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